Brand tailored music for your business.

Carefully curated by music experts.

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"We are a brand tailored music service.
We collaborate with music professionals to create custom playlists for outspoken brands."

The ingredients to make you sound great

Brand MUsic IDentity

A custom music profile that expresses your brand in sound.

Personal curator

A music expert who manages your music repertoire.

Hand picked

Carefully picked song selections, updated monthly.

Smart playback

Avoids repetitions at all costs. Provides control & insight when you need it.

Music is human.

Thats why we work with music professionals who understand how to set the right tone to enhance your brand story.

Our core beliefs

Brand music identity

Music is an important element of the customer experience, just like interior, lighting and decoration. The right music conveys what a brand stands for and truly resonates with the target audience.

We understand that your Friday afternoon sounds different than your Tuesday morning, we create a tailor made Music Identity that fits your brand and creates the customer experience that you want.

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Personal Curator

Based on the Music Identity, each brand is connected to a personal music curator who hand-picks music exclusively for you.

Our curator roster consists of carefully selected artists, DJs, producers, record label owners and tastemakers with a shared passion for collecting great music.

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Smart Playback

Take control over what’s playing with our playback app, or connect a hardware player to your A/V systems. Smart shuffle always keeps your music interesting and avoids repetition at all costs.

Licensed and legit for use in businesses and public spaces.

For outspoken

You're in good company
Sven & Gijs
Ace & Tate
Curated by
Sven & Helena
Sven & Gijs
Lynk & Co
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Coffee & Coconuts
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Cosmo Hairstyling
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
The Student Hotel
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Vegan Junk Food Bar
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
Curated by
Sven & Gijs
We Are Labels
Curated by

What our clients are saying

Milan van Ede

"These guys provide the best in-store music I know."

Margot & Jeske

Now we have in all our venues world wide, if our members go from Amsterdam to London, they are welcomed with the familiar Spaces look, feel and music

Charlotte van der Aat

Music is a key element of We Are Labels. Our close collaberation with and their curator really upgraded our atmosphere.

Edwin Streep is, hands down, the best curated music on the web. Our tailor made playlists are exactly what we're looking for all the time!

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Music is Human

Thats why we work with music professionals who understand how to set the right tone to enhance your brand story.

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