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Brand-fit music made easy

Our playback app is specifically designed for everyday use in businesses and commercial spaces. The app is easy to instal on your own devices and does not require attention from in-store staff so they can focus on their job.

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Be in control.

Our man-made playlists are presented to you through our own (mobile) application. In the background we fitted some systems that provide you with handy tools for managing your music repertoir and enabling our music experts to perform wel.

  • Channel selection
  • Play, pause & skip tracks.
  • See what's playing
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Plan seamless energy transitions
throughout the day.


Even loudness distribution across songs of all genres.

Smart Shuffle

Our smart shuffle  
avoids repetition at all costs.


Music is not interrupted in case your internet connection drops.

Works seamless,

on your own devices*

We made sure our playback app works on almost every platform. Getting started is a piece of cake: simply download the app to your devices, login and press play.

*Need hardware? we can provide you with our very own ' player'. It connects directly to your existing A/V systems and internet access point and can be stored out of sight.
  • iOS
  • Android
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Sonos
  • player*

Be in control.

When you need it.

Take charge of what's playing using our browser-based remote control.

  • Channel selection
  • Play, pause & skip tracks.
  • See what's playing
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Music scheduling

a detailed plan for the day.

The right music, at the right time. A dynamic day requires a flexible scheduling tool. Together with you, we create a weekly music schedule to match the energy levels throughout the week. 

Allow flexibility and empower in-store teams to go off- schedule when a change in energy is needed.

Manage your repertoir

Music insights & curator contact

The control room of our music service, a central place that provides brand managers & business owners with the tools to discuss their musical identity with their curator. We keep track of location playtime and monitor which songs and playlists perform best in-store.

Wolf Müller - Aiolos
Sep 7.
Great track! It's a bit too slow for us the afternoon tho. Would fit better in the morning playlist.
Sep 8.
Thanks! Sometimes a track falls a bit in between the morning and afternoon. I've added the track to morning playlist!
Talaboman - Safe Changes


your sound online.

Music doesn’t stop outside the door, we can bring your in-store music experience online for a broader customer experience.

  • Spotify Sync

Build a musical following by exposing your brands music toSpotify, synchronised directly from your playlists on

  • Branded Radio channel

Integrate a branded radio in your website or app and connect with your audience online.

set up brand spotify of vegan junkfood bar with integration
vegan junk food bar online branded music radio station for business by