How to play legal music in your business.

There are two types of rights you both need.

Commercial streaming rights. takes care of these for you.

In a commercial business, consumer solutions for streaming such as Apple music, Spotify, Deezer & Amazon are non-compliant.

A lot of small businesses are unaware that this is illegal and risk steep fines. Moreover, when using non-compliant music streaming services, the artists you're playing are not compensated fairly for their work.

At we want to support the artists that are played in your venue. Therefore we take care of the rights to play music in your business. This is what we call: music with peace of mind.

Public performance rights.

You have to arrange this yourself, can help.

Next to streaming rights, playing music in a store or public space always requires a license from your local collecting society (PRO).

In most countries the cost of a license is determined by the size of the store where the music is played and payed for per square meter. Applying for the required license has to be done by a store owner itself and can be done online. In The Netherlands a license can be obtained at BUMA STEMRA.

We can help you to contact the right local PRO(s) and offer support with the sign up process.

Frequently asked licensing questions

What licenses do I need for my business?


Kollekt provides a commercially licensed streaming service. This means that our playback app 'Atmosphere' is legal for use in commercial spaces like retail stores, restaurants, bars and workspaces. As a business owner, the only other license you need is a public performance license for your specific business location. Each country has its own performance rights organisations (PROs) that base their fees on characteristics like business type, floor space, and number of employees on-site.

To help you get started, please find the contact information for your local PROs below. (Note: Businesses in the US and Canada are not required to a obtain a public performance license and only need a subscription with us)

Links to PRO's:

The Netherlands


Other Countries
List of local PRO's (.pdf) (last update: 05-01-2023)

Even though we can not acquire this license for our customers, we can inform you how to acquire a public performance license and support you in your application. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Why can't I use Spotify, Apple Music, or similar services in my business?


"As laid out in our Terms and Conditions, Spotify is for personal entertainment only and not for commercial use. This means it can’t be broadcasted or played publicly from a business, such as radio stations, bars, restaurants, stores, dance studios, etc."
Spotify, 2020

As stated in the example above, from Spotify, the music on similar platforms like Spotify are licensed for personal use only.