Frequently asked questions

Getting started

I am using ‘Sonos’ will this work with Atmosphere?


Yes, Atmosphere works with all sonos devices.

How do I install Atmosphere?


Installation is easy. Download the Atmosphere App, login with the codes we provide and press play.

Can I use Atmosphere on my phone / tablet?


We currently support iOS and Android devices.

Android Requirements

Minimal Android version : Android 5 or greater
Ram: 1 GB or greater
Disk size: 8 GB or greater. We recommend 16GB

iOS Requirements

We recommend using a device with latest iOS version.
Minimal iOS version: Version 11 or greater.

Recommended devices:

  • Latest iPad's
  • iPod Touch 7th generation

Can I use Atmosphere on my computer?


Yes, we currently support Windows and MacOS.

General questions

How can I make an account to use


Our music service is available for selected businesses only. Get in touch with our team to discuss possibilities of working together, we will set up an account for you.

What payment methods do you support?


There are two options:

  1. We can issue invoices monthly or yearly according to your preference.
  2. You can set up Recurring Payments and let payments happen in the background.

Can I get a demo of your service?


Yes, that is possible if you are representing a business! Contact us through our Get in touch page to discuss the possibilities for a demo in your venues


How do you decide what music fits my brand/shop?


We understand that the identity of your brand is not easily understood by standardised surveys or algorithms. Therefore we do a thorough in-take session to take a good look at your branding style, engagement strategy, target audience and in-store atmosphere. Together with you we formulate what atmosphere you want to create and what experience you want to give your audience.

Our team of music consultants finds the sound that matches that experience. Very often we evaluate music with our clients in order to find a variety of sounds and moods that form the client's unique Music Identity.

Can I alter playlists myself?


Your in-store music playlist is always maintained by your personal curator. In case you want to hear a personal favourite, or make an alteration, you can request that your curator does this for you.

Is it possible for my customers to listen to my brand’s music repertoire at home?


There are multiple options to leverage your music identity towards your customers:

  1. can be included on your own internet radio channel. This way your audience can enjoy your music anywhere in the world. For an example go to: 
  2. We can set up and make a direct connection from to your brand’s spotify channel. Maintain an up-to-date playlist by using the new music that is added by our curator every month! Check our spotify profile at to get an overview of brands we already serve.


Why a curator and not an algorithm?


There is a strong emotional component in music that an algorithm doesn’t get. Someone who truly lives music can create a richer listening experience than a playlist created via data points.

How do you know which curator fits my brand?


We create a tailor-made collection of music, moods and emotions that communicate what your brand stands for. You are connected to a curator who is an expert in your sound.

How does the curator know my brand?


Curators receive an elaborate brief about your brand and the atmospherics of your venues. Next to the brief they will work together with you to make sure that your music repertoire always stays on-track.

How can I get into contact with my curator?


You can always call or email to your music curator directly. Also you will be able to talk about music and songs using the application where your playlists will be stored.

Can I communicate with my curator?


Yes. On Atmosphere's 'Backstage' platform you can have direct communication with your curator and leave feedback on your curated music.

Can I have a local curator in my country?


Yes. We have a world wide network of carefully selected curators ready to be connected to a brand.

How can I become a curator for


You can apply here. Please be aware we are looking for (semi) professional curators with a proven track record in the music industry.


What licenses do I need for my business?


Kollekt provides a commercially licensed streaming service. This means that our playback app 'Atmosphere' is legal for use in commercial spaces like retail stores, restaurants, bars and workspaces. As a business owner, the only other license you need is a public performance license for your specific business location. Each country has its own performance rights organisations (PROs) that base their fees on characteristics like business type, floor space, and number of employees on-site.

To help you get started, please find the contact information for your local PROs below. (Note: Businesses in the US and Canada are not required to a obtain a public performance license and only need a subscription with us)

Links to PRO's:

The Netherlands


Other Countries
List of local PRO's (.pdf) (last update: 05-01-2023)

Even though we can not acquire this license for our customers, we can inform you how to acquire a public performance license and support you in your application. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Why can't I use Spotify, Apple Music, or similar services in my business?


"As laid out in our Terms and Conditions, Spotify is for personal entertainment only and not for commercial use. This means it can’t be broadcasted or played publicly from a business, such as radio stations, bars, restaurants, stores, dance studios, etc."
Spotify, 2020

As stated in the example above, from Spotify, the music on similar platforms like Spotify are licensed for personal use only.


I lost my password for, how do I retrieve it?


Get in contact with us so we can provide you with your login information. Visit the get in touch page to explore the options to contact us.

Are you experiencing issues while using Atmosphere in combination with your Sonos system?


The following guides might resolve your issue.

Lightspeed & Atmosphere

Music not playing from all speakers (iOS / Android)

Music not playing from all speakers (Desktop)

Atmosphere can't find Sonos system

Please contact our support team if your problems persist.