Coffee & Coconuts


We caught up with Bas and Ruerd and discussed their passions over coffee.

Pictures by Adriaan de Groot

Hi Bas and Ruerd! Please tell us a bit about yourselves. How did CT Coffee & Coconuts start?

We have this obsession to provide everyone with good food and drinks. This has always played an important role in our lives. Wherever we go, we are always looking, trying, tasting and sharing. When we discover something new, it is nice to not only prepare it for yourself at home, but share it here with everyone. For us it’s a mix of running a business and pursuing a passion.

Coffee & Coconuts, that sounds exotic.. ?

Yes! We were all born and raised close to the coast. That lifestyle is in our DNA.

When we got the chance to open a business in the city centre we asked ourselves ‘What does the city miss?’. We wanted to create a place where people can really hang out. Many customers seem to really like it. They say to take the best pictures here and that people ask them ‘Which beach club is that?!’.

That is what makes Coffee & Coconuts such a success.

Everything you see here was not really planned out beforehand. When the building was renovated we just talked about what to do with the place, instead of hiring a design agency to do it all for us. This has really contributed to the atmosphere we have now… everything just grew so naturally.

Our music curator knows what we want and has a really good feeling for providing us with the right music throughout the day.

What role does music play at CT?

For us music is 50% of the business. It’s what you first hear when you come in. If it’s not good, everyone will notice.

If you let your staff in charge of the music, you get an incoherent mixture of their personal preferences and that is definitely not what you want. We teamed up with Moiety, our music curator. He knows what we want and has a really good feeling for providing us with the right music throughout the day: Not too harsh in the morning, but also uplifting enough in the afternoons.

Staff, food & drinks and music. If all three are good, that will get noticed.

Defining the sound of Coffee & Coconuts together with Curator Manel.

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